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The Only Renewable AC & Heat Solution!: Millennia 1.5-Ton HVAC Direct Current System

The all DC, Millennia air conditioning & heating system is revolutionary in many ways. The patented, low power Millennia is globally distributed through SolCool One, LLC, and manufactured by Senergy Cooling Systems. The 1.5-Ton Millennia HVAC system uses up to 50% less energy than comparable high efficiency conventional equipment for a 20 EER Rating.

The Millennia requires very little renewable energy to run completely independent all day and night. This makes the Millennia one of a kind for zero emission climate control. The 1.5 Ton Millennia is completely scaleable, units can be combined or zoned for 2-10 ton applications.

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The concept of evaporative cooling without additional energy based upon the evaporation of water. The phrase ”environmentally friendly” is entirely appropriate for this system. Air conditioning costs can be reduced for medium to large cooling requirements including sports halls, department stores, cinemas, theatres, museums and numerous other applications.


Under winter condition the two stage heat recovery achieves temperature efficiencies > 75% thereby minimising the installed heating capacity and energy consumption.

in summer maximise use of free cooling is utilised to meet the supply air setpoint. At higher outdoor temperature. indirect adiabatic cooling reduces the supply air temperature.the full use of night time cooling is used to reduce the temperature of fabric.

A small integral DX cooling system meets the peak cooling requirement. Co2 monitoring allows the air volumes to be reduced during period of low occupancy. Directly coupled freerunning ventilator wheels with VFD for eliminating drive losses and reduces dynamic pressure to achievefan motor power consumption below 1W perl/s. The unit operates at cooling efficiency of approximately 12:1 compared with 2.8:1 for an air cooled chiller system
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