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Building Rating Facilitation and Documentation




• BEE Building star rating

Building rating systems like above provide a holistic approach to environmentally friendly and resource efficient building design. Green Dimensions provide design and facilitation support for building rating as well as building analysis for energy specific criteria of green buildings. Snapshots of some studies :

Whole building integrated design analysis

• Site solar studies
• Building and window level shading analysis
• Daylight availability analysis and Glazing VLT selection
• Energy simulation
• Artificial lighting optimization
• Daylight integration and controls
• High performance façade design – integrated design solution for façade selection and cost benefit analysis
• Modeling and simulation selection of Building envelope parameters
• HVAC System optimization and development of control strategy
• Road and area lighting optimization
• Recommendation for improving Landscape features for better ventilation and thermal comfort.
• Low energy cooling systems evaluation
• Thermal performance evaluation of naturally ventilated / non air conditioned buildings

Detailed Analysis

• Solar passive element design ,
• Hybrid building design ,
• Renewable energy solutions evaluation,
• Life cycle cost analysis ,
• Component cost benefit analysis,
• Thermal comfort benefit analysis.
• Energy cost budget analysis

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