Internationally, voluntary building rating systems have been instrumental in raising awareness and popularizing green design. However, most of the internationally devised rating systems have been tailored to suit the building industry of the country where they were developed. TERI, being deeply committed to every aspect of sustainable development, took upon itself the responsibility of acting as a driving force to popularize green building by developing a tool for measuring and rating a building's environmental performance in the context of India's varied climate and building practices. This tool, by its qualitative and quantitative assessment criteria, would be able to ‘rate’ a building on the degree of its ‘greenness’. The rating would be applied to new and existing building stock of varied functions – commercial, institutional, and residential.
original source: TERI Griha

List of criteria Points Remarks
Criteria 1: Site Selection 1 Partly mandatory
Criteria 2: Preserve and protect landscape during construction /compensatory depository forestation. 5 Partly mandatory
Criteria 3: Soil conservation (post construction) 4
Criteria 4: Design to include existing site features 2 Mandatory
Criteria 5: Reduce hard paving on site 2 Partly mandatory
Criteria 6: Enhance outdoor lighting system efficiency 3
Criteria 7: Plan utilities efficiently and optimize on site circulation efficiency 3
Criteria 8: Provide, at least, minimum level of sanitation/safety facilities for construction workers 2 Mandatory
Criteria 9: Reduce air pollution during construction 2 Mandatory
Criteria 10: Reduce landscape water requirement 3
Criteria 11: Reduce building water use 2
Criteria 12: Efficient water use during construction 1
Criteria 13: Optimize building design to reduce conventional energy demand 6 Mandatory
Criteria 14: Optimize energy performance of building within specified comfort 12
Criteria 15: Utilization of flyash in building structure 6
Criteria 16: Reduce volume, weight and time of construction by adopting efficient technology (e.g. pre-cast systems, ready-mix concrete, etc.) 4
Criteria 17: Use low-energy material in interiors 4
Criteria 18: Renewable energy utilization 5
Criteria 19: Renewable energy based hot-water system 3
Criteria 20: Waste water treatment 2
Criteria 21: Water recycle and reuse (including rainwater) 5
Criteria 22: Reduction in waste during construction 2
Criteria 23: Efficient waste segregation 2
Criteria 24: Storage and disposal of waste 2
Criteria 25: Resource recovery from waste 2
Criteria 26: Use of low - VOC paints/ adhesives/ sealants. 4
Criteria 27: Minimize ozone depleting substances 3 Mandatory
Criteria 28: Ensure water quality 2 Mandatory
Criteria 29: Acceptable outdoor and indoor noise levels 2
Criteria 30: Tobacco and smoke control 1
Criteria 31: Universal Accessibility 1
Criteria 32: Energy audit and validation Mandatory
Criteria 33: Operations and maintenance protocol for electrical and mechanical equipment 2 Mandatory
Total score 100
Criteria 34: Innovation (Beyond 100) 4
Total score 104
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